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Under the Power Search tab you can still search for items using the Words or Phrases, Author, Title, Subject, Series, and/or Periodical Title, but you can now limit your search results down.  For instance, under the type box you can select from the drop down arrow: Digital Video Disc to see only the DVDs we have in our collection.  To narrow your search results down even further you can select which department (Adult or Children's) you want to view items from.  Just click the drop down arrow under the location box.  You must select Adult media for the Adult Department and CHILDRENS for the Children's Department.  Finally, you can select whether you want an item that is Fiction or Non Fiction by selecting the drop down arrow under the item category 1 box.
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If you are not sure what you are looking for just type in a word or phrase and click the Search button.  In addition, you can also enter an item's Title, Author, Subject, Series, and/or Periodical Title in the Quick Search box.  Just make sure you pull down the drop down arrow under the box labeled words or phrases and then click the Search button.  For a more detailed card catalog search click the Power Search button.
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