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A one-stop shop, this free site provides historical prices and call information for specific issues, plus a wealth of market data.

Stocks & Funds
For copious commentary and statistics on both stocks and funds, this site is hard to top.
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Customer Service
Chop down the phone tree. This site lists customer-service numbers for almost 800 major companies and government agencies, plus the codes to reach a live representative quickly.

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners maintains complaint records for each insurer in every state. Focus on the complaint ratio: the number of complaints for every dollar the insurer collects in premiums.

Financial Services

Credit Reports
Forget copycat sites. This is the official Web site where you can get a free report from each of the three credit bureaus once a year.

Credit Score
Get advice on how to raise your score, and use the site's EZ Error Correct system to dispute mistakes.

Homeowner's Insurance
Plug in data about your home's age, building materials and other details, and get an immediate estimate of its replacement cost.


Health Insurance
Offers strategies for finding coverage, especially for people with medical conditions or modest incomes.

Chock-full of detailed information about Medicare, with excellent tools to help you pick the best Part D plan or Medicare Advantage policy based on your specific medications and health condition.
Life Insurance
An easy way to get term-insurance rates from many of the top companies. Call 800-442-9899 for personalized help, especially if you have a medical condition.

Use this site to see the detailed criteria you must meet to qualify for each company's term-insurance rates.
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Tax Calculator
If you got a tax refund, give yourself a pay raise by using our easy tax-withholding calculator (kiplinger.com/tools/withholding).

Social Security Calculator
Type your name, Social Security number, birth date, birthplace and mother's name into this secure site, and it will show your estimated benefits based on your up-to-date earnings record.
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