Gifts and Donations

The Whiting Public Library gratefully accepts gifts and donations with the following conditions:

  • Gifts for the library should be of such a nature that usage falls within the mission statement of the library.
  • Gifts should be viewed as an addition or supplement to, not a reduction of, the operating budget of the library.
  • The library director will determine if gifts are acceptable under this policy. Gifts resulting in ongoing costs to the institution, such as staffing or special maintenance, will require approval by the board of trustees.
  • The purchase of specifically identified titles with gift funds cannot be guaranteed, nor does the donor have the right of approval of titles before purchase. However, donors are encouraged to recommend subject areas.
  • The library accepts gifts of materials, but reserves the right to evaluate and dispose of them in accordance with the criteria applied to purchase materials. Materials may be disposed of without notifying the donor if later examination indicates that the library cannot use them.
  • Gifts of a more specific nature, such as works of art, furniture, equipment, special collections and real property, shall be referred to the library director for acceptance in consultation with the board of trustees. When funds are donated for specific purposes, the amount and nature of the expenditure must be approved in advance if not in accordance with the library’s current programs and policies.
  • Any gift accepted by the library is subject to the following two (2) conditions:
  1. The library retains unconditional ownership of the gift; and makes the final decision on the use of the gift or any disposition of the gift.
  2. Library bookplates will be placed in library materials purchased with gift funds. Programs and services made possible by gift funds will include recognition of such benefactors in their supporting literature.
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